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Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Activity Plans

Interpretation and Visitor Experience Plans

With over 150 completed projects, RRHC delivers excellence in feasibility, business, activity and interpretation planning – helping to create successful and sustainable heritage attractions. 


Rob has over 20 years of experience as a heritage and tourism consultant.  Based in Edinburgh and working all over Scotland and the UK, Rob enjoys working on projects large and small.


Rob Robinson Heritage Consulting was established in 2004 to provide specialist strategic planning advice to clients in the heritage and tourism sectors. 


Its focus is to help create successful heritage attractions, to improve visitor experiences and to help clients (from community groups to national agencies) to develop sustainable projects.


Heritage Consulting specialises in five main areas:


1.      Feasibility studies and options appraisals

2.      Development strategies

3.      Business plans

4.      Activity plans

5.      Interpretation strategies


Rob is also experienced in undertaking detailed market appraisals, funding plans, action plans and both public and professional consultation programmes as well as implementing interpretive projects.


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